Northwest Health and Safety Inc. training programs are unique and not your typical CPR and First Aid training classes. We understand that not everybody learns the same way. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of each class and each student. Some CPR and First Aid instructors will just play a video and return 20 minutes later to find everyone asleep. We feel the best way to learn CPR, is by doing it. That is why each student will have their own manikin to use throughout the entire class. Our instructors are different than most instructors because our instructors have all have had to do CPR “for real” on many occasions. Not good for them, but good for you because you can get real insight into the realities of CPR and learn from their experiences. We take the common sense approach to our training. Our courses are informative, fun and low stress.

Onsite Training

Have a group that you need to have trained in CPR and/or First Aid? We can come to your location. Our professional instructors will come to your location with the required equipment and materials. This option makes it easy for employers and employees and minimizes the impact of productivity loss. We will travel almost anywhere within Washington and Oregon. *Onsite fee may apply. Contact Northwest Health and Safety Inc. today to schedule your on site CPR and First Aid Training course today 360-737-8910 or contact us via email.

Scheduled Courses

Northwest Health and Safety Inc. has regularly scheduled classes in CPR and First Aid at the Vancouver, Washington training facility. The scheduled classes are open to the public. Businesses with groups can join in these classes and receive group discounts for joining. See our training schedule. Learn more about our course offerings.

Online Blended Training

Online Blended Training is a new offering. Blended training allows students to complete the “book work” online at their own pace. Once completed the student would register for a skills verification by one of Northwest Health and Safety’s instructors to demonstrate their hands on skills and ask any questions they may have. Once completed the student would receive a course completion card. Here’s the benefit: Less classroom time, flexibility in online training (you can do a little at a time and return to it later), loss of productivity is minimized. Blended training is available for CPR/AED for the community, Basic First Aid, Healthcare Provider CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens (Note: bloodborne pathogens is done completely online and no skills verification is required).

Blended Training is a benefit to the employer by reduction in training time and flexibility.

The HSI Blended Learning Solution is uniquely different from other online learning programs being offered in the industry. HSI Learning Platform Demo Blended Learning Class


  • Reduce total costs associated with training. Much of the training can be completed outside of the traditional classroom.


  • Blended Training offers an easier process for employees; students can train and prepare at times that are convenient for them.


  • For ASHI and MEDIC First Aid, both Knowledge and Skills Objectives are met through the HSI Blended Learning solution. Information presented online is the same material for all students ensuring that they are adequately prepared as a group to meet skill objectives. Certification is received after knowledge and skill objectives are reviewed by an Instructor.
  • For 24-7 EMS/Fire, students have access to the same training across the organization.


  • Student and Instructors can automatically receive email notification regarding enrollment, follow-up, and completion associated with the training program.
  • CEU’s awarded for 24-7 EMS programs and ASHI CPR Pro are facilitated through auto-reporting to CECBEMS.

Easy to Use

  • Self-directed, active experience that appeals to the adult student.
  • Studies* show that there are few statistical differences between the effectiveness of a traditional course delivery method and a hybrid one like Blended Training.

* “The Effectiveness of Blended Learning Environments for the Delivery of Respiratory Care Education,” Journal of Allied Health, Shawna Strickland, director of the Respiratory Therapy Program at University of Missouri. C. 2009.

About Northwest Health and Safety Inc.

Northwest Health and Safety Inc. is your only choice for the best in CPR, AED, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogen Training. Northwest Health and Safety Inc. serves the Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon areas. Our experienced training team can provide CPR and First Aid training classes that will exceed your expectations at an affordable price. We have been providing quality CPR and First Aid training classes to the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas for over 13 years. Take your CPR and First Aid training from Northwest Health and Safety Inc., we guarantee it will be the best CPR and/or First Aid training class you have ever experienced. To find out more about our training classes contact us or visit our training calendar for upcoming CPR and First Aid classes. Looking to implement an AED program in your school, church or business? Northwest Health and Safety Inc. is a leading provider of AED’s and AED training programs serving the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. For more information on AED’s visit us at