About First Aid Training

First Aid Training

First Aid training is not usually on the top of most peoples list of things to do. Most people only take First Aid training because their employer requires it. Knowing what to do in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death for someone, maybe even someone you love. While basic first aid is not rocket science. It is important to make first aid training a part of your routine every 2 years. We talk with parents, teachers and individuals who have experienced a first aid emergency and the helpless feeling that they had and not knowing what to do. Let Northwest Health and Safety teach you what to do in that unexpected emergency. Our experienced instructors will take you though real life scenarios and give you some real life insights. Our trainings are different from your average first aid classes and we encourage student participation and questions. We teach about certain medical conditions but our overall goal is to give you the tools you need to handle almost any first aid situation.

First Aid Topics Discussed

  • Caring for Children in an Emergency

  • Legal

  • Scene Safety

  • Shock

  • Bleeding Emergencies

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Burns

  • Head and Neck Injuries

  • Environmental Emergencies

  • Muscular Skeletal Injuries

  • Diabetic Emergencies

  • And much more………..

Know what to do in an emergency! Be prepared for the unexpected with quality first aid training from Northwest Health and Safety Inc.

About Northwest Health and Safety Inc.

Northwest Health and Safety Inc. is a leading provider of CPR and First Aid Training programs serving the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. Our quality CPR & First Aid classes are taught by the most experienced instructors in a fun, relaxed and informative way. Check our calendar for an upcoming class or if you have a group? Contact us and we can schedule a private CPR and First Aid Training for you at our location or yours. 360-737-8910.