Adult CPR

Adult CPR Summary

Age Determination: Begins with the onset of puberty.

Explanation: Any signs of facial hair or under arm hair in the boys or any signs of breast development in the girls.

Compression to breath ratio: 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

Compressions: 30 Compressions, at least 2 inches in depth at a rate of 100 per minute

Breaths: Tilt Head and Lift Chin. Breaths should be 1 second in length. Just enough to see the chest rise, but no more.

When to call 911: Immediately. Once unresponsiveness is determined send a bystander to call and get the AED and if no one is available, then leave the victim and go call 911 and get the AED.

Steps for Adult CPR:

  • Check the scene for safety
  • Determine Responsiveness
  • Call 911 and get an AED or send someone to do it
  • Expose the victims chest and begin chest compressions. 30 compressions, pressing down at least 2 inches at a rate of 100 per minute
  • Tilt head, pinch nose and give 2 breaths
  • Repeat Compressions and Breaths until AED or EMS arrives



Pocket CPR guide courtesy of Learn CPR